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The Federation of Student Islamic Societies (FOSIS) in the UK and Eire, today expresses severe disgust and sadness at the decision taken by the High Court to extradite Babar Ahmad to the United States. There has been deep concern expressed by Muslim students and the wider community at this unjust, immoral and unbalanced extradition treaty, which is in direct contradiction with one of our most important legal principles, that of innocent until proven guilty.

Faisal Hanjra, Head of FOSIS Student Affairs, said today, “This decision is utterly condemnable and completely unacceptable to everyone who seeks peace and justice. Due to this Government’s unhealthy alliance with the Whitehouse, we now find ourselves in a situation where innocent people are being deported from the country of their birth, to a country which has a very poor human rights record, whilst not a single shred of evidence has been put forward before the courts. This must be condemned by justice-seeking citizens of all backgrounds.”

He added, “The Government has shown time and time again that it is willing to make decisions, simply as a pretence to suggest to the British public that they are dealing with the issue of terrorism. The truth is the Government has done very little to practically address the terror threat faced by this country, deporting individuals like Babar Ahmad will serve further to reinforce the notion that when it comes to issues of terror the only thing you need to be guilty of, is being Muslim.”

He further added, “Today it is Babar who has been extradited, tomorrow it may be any one of us. It could be your son, father or brother who is facing potential torture and injustice. It cannot be right that we allow British citizens to be subjected to treatment, such as that seen at Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib.”

FOSIS’ thoughts are with the family of Babar Ahmad at this deeply testing time. We continue to reiterate our calls for Babar Ahmad to be tried in a British court of law and for the Government to abandon this unjust and one-sided extradition treaty.



1. FOSIS (est. 1963) is the umbrella organisation of student groups in colleges and universities throughout the UK and Ireland, representing over 90,000 Muslim students.
2. For more information please contact FOSIS media on 07709 101544 or 07865 052781, email media@fosis.org.uk or alternatively visit our website www.fosis.org.uk/media.

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