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As members of the Muslim student community, we, the undersigned, feel the need to express our conviction that the report published by the Centre for Social Cohesion (CSC) is ideologically biased and motivated by an underlying malice. This report, as many others in the past, attempts to undermine the positive work and the invaluable services that we provide for all students on campus, whether this is in the form of offering spiritual and academic training for students, or providing a platform for intellectual debate and discussion.

We feel this report is irresponsible in its attempt to scaremonger and vilify the Islamic Societies (Isocs) and contributes to the perpetuation of a climate of Islamophobia, which, unfortunately, is increasing at an alarming rate on campus. As such the report becomes yet one more way in which Muslim students are alienated and seen as the problem rather than empowered to be agents for positive change.

Furthermore, the suggestion that extremist activity is taking place on campus is unqualified and irresponsible, and damages the strong relationships forged between Isocs and their respective universities. We therefore hold that by making such assertions without due evidence, the validity of the conclusions of the report are brought into serious question.

We would also like to draw attention to the fact that following the dreadful events of 7/7 the Muslim student population has suffered considerable difficulties. Despite these, they have shown great resilience and a continuing desire to contribute positively to University life and wider society. The report’s effect is to criminalise the Muslim students premised on a false assumption that they are particularly vulnerable to radicalisation. We would like to counter this assertion by insisting that there is no evidence to suggest that university campuses are hotbeds for extremist activity or recruitment. Although we firmly believe that there is no evidence to support this claim, we are not at the same time complacent with regards to the possibility of this, and so we have safeguards in place to ensure such does not occur. We do not, however, require reports like “Islam on Campus” to dictate to us how we ought to counter such possibilities, especially when the report is steeped in bias and clearly aiming to create a moral panic.

We call upon the continuing support of Universities, other student bodies and fair minded individuals to help us oppose such counterproductive efforts by vested interests. We would like to send a strong message of defiance to such vested interests and mischievous efforts which undermine cohesion.


1. City University Islamic Society
2. University of Westminster Islamic Society
3. Imperial College London Islamic Society
4. London School of Economics Islamic Society
5. Queen Mary's University Islamic Society
6. School of Oriental & African Studies Islamic Society
7. University College London Islamic Society
8. King's College London Islamic Society
9. London Metropolitan University Islamic Society
10. University of East London Islamic Society
11. University of Hertfordshire Islamic Society
12. Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Islamic Society
13. University College Dublin Islamic Society
14. Trinity College Dublin Islamic Society
15. Cardiff University Islamic Society
16. University of Glamorgan Islamic Society
17. University of Wales, Bangor Islamic Society
18. University of Wales Institute Newport (UWIN) Islamic Society
19. Swansea University Islamic Society
20. University of Wales Institute, Cardiff (UWIC) Islamic Society
21. University of Sussex Islamic Society
22. University of Wolverhampton Islamic Society
23. Coventry University Islamic Society
24. University of Birmingham Islamic Society
25. Birmingham City University Islamic Society
26. College of Law, Birmingham Islamic Society
27. Aston University Islamic Society
28. University of Nottingham Islamic Society
29. De Montfort University Islamic Society
30. University of Leicester Islamic Society
31. Keele University Islamic Society
32. University of Lincoln Islamic Society
33. Anglia Rustin University Islamic Society
34. The University of Sheffield Islamic Society
35. The University of Huddersfield Islamic Society
36. The University of Liverpool Islamic Society
37. The University of Bradford Islamic Society
38. Lancaster University Islamic Society
39. The University of Hull Islamic Society
40. The University of York Islamic Society
41. University of Leeds Islamic Society
42. University of Sunderland Islamic Society
43. Manchester Metropolitan University Islamic Society
44. Manchester University Islamic Society
45. Bristol University Islamic Society
46. Sussex University Islamic Society
47. University of Edinburgh Islamic Society
48. Stirling University Islamic Society
49. Glasgow University Islamic Society
50. Brighton University Islamic Society
51. Medway Islamic Society
52. Nottingham Trent University Islamic Society
53. Federation of Student Islamic Societies (FOSIS)

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