What is FOSIS?

Established in 1963, FOSIS stands for the Federation of Student Islamic Societies, a body that caters for the needs of Muslim students in further and higher education across the UK and Ireland.

What is the FOSIS vision?

The federation seeks to uphold the Quranic verse where Allah tells us to: "Hold fast to the rope of Allah, all of you together, and be not disunited" (Quran 3:103). At the heart of our vision, we have two central aims and all the work that we do is geared around these aims:
1) To represent Muslim students
2) To serve Muslim students

Geographically, FOSIS has been divided into seven regions: Scotland, Ireland, North, Wales, Midlands, London and South. Each region has its own team and section of the website. An Annual General Meeting (AMG) is held in each region and thereafter, a new regional executive is elected to do work within that region. To find out details about each region, please visit their regional page.

What aims and objectives is FOSIS guided by?

The activities of FOSIS are guided by the objectives and aims of the Federation:
i) To unite all existing student Islamic organisations in the United Kingdom and Eire and to encourage and help in the formation of such organisations.
ii) To encourage and help members to conduct congregational prayers, lectures, discussion groups, and Islamic classes for the Muslims in their areas.
iii) To create the right atmosphere for the fulfillment of Islamic duties, and to foster and to protect the interests of Islam.
iv) To encourage members to participate in community work for Muslims.
The programmes and policies of the Federation to pursue these objectives are devised by the Council on an annual basis, and implemented on its behalf by the Executive Committee.

What is Team FOSIS?

Team FOSIS refers to all the FOSIS volunteers and staff members who are part of the work that we do to make this organisation meet the needs of the Muslim students.
The work is overseen by FOSIS executives and committee heads so ensure that Team FOSIS is supported effectively.

What is the FOSIS Constitution?

The FOSIS constitution outlines the guides and main principles that FOSIS follows, in order to simplify the work it undertakes. It covers areas such as membership, roles and responsibilities and of course the broad aims and structure of FOSIS.
The constitution can be amended by its members, which comprise of affiliated Islamic Societies and other Student organizations. To get access to the constitution, please email one of the executive members or info@fosis.org.uk

What is the FOSIS Organisational Structure?

Click here to view the FOSIS Organisational Structure. The structure aims to take in account the work of all the FOSIS committees and ensures that they are line managed so that Team FOSIS is supported effectively.
To get an updated version, please email one of the executive members or info@fosis.org.uk.

How can I get involved?

If you would like to get involved and be part of Team FOSIS then please browse through the FOSIS website including the FOSIS committees and regional pages, so that you have the opportunity to think about what you would be interested in assisting with. Then please register your details within the ‘Get Involved’ section of the FOSIS website and we will try our best to place you within a suitable committee which suits your skills and interests.