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Ex-Officio- January & February 2010

Assalamu alikum 

Over the last period I have attended a nec meeting in London which I partly chaired as well part of an on line meeting.

I have also raised a number of concerns regarding the action plan for fosis governance, timing of elections and procedures to replace current executive members. 

As well as this I have had discussion with the vp islamic societies regarding a new mentoring systems for isocs.

Please make dua for me.

Zahid Bhatti

Ex-Officio- December 2009

Assalmu alikum wa rahamtuallah

Over the past few months I have bee involved in the isoc 101s and attended the winter council and NEC meetings.

With regards to the isoc101s I have attended the following regions: wales, ireland and Midlands.

I attended the winter council in Leeds and the NEC meeting in London.

With regards to the isoc mentoring scheme which I am leading I will hope to have made more progress by next month.

Please make dua for me.

Zahid Bhatti

Ex-Officio- October 2009

Assalamu alikum wa rahmatuallah

I pray all is well.

Since my blog my major contributions have been:

1. Attending the last executive meeting in which I stressed that we as fosis need to focus only on our core activities in order to build a foundation and progress organically.

2. Delivered training to the wales region in which I covered sessions on self awareness, personal development. Political awareness and isoc development.

3. Will now be leading the isoc...

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Ex-Officio- September 2009


I attended the last national executive meeting and my general feeling is that as an organisation we are trying to do too much too quickly. We need as a federation to identify what are the essential aspects of fosis and then to focus on these.

I ask each of you to pray for fosis and the ummah.

Zahid Bhatti

Ex-Officio Blog- August 2009

Assalmu alikum wa rahmatuallah

I hope this reaches you in good health and faith.

During the last month I have had limited involvement due to nature of my role as exofficio which mainly is to advise and support the executive.

I pray that this year is a successful one for all those involved and that we begin with the highest of intentions and we seekAllah tawfiq.

Best wishes

Zahid Bhatti


Ex-Officio Blog - July 2009

As ex officio my role is to advice and support the executive however I do not have any specific role or area of work I deliever or oversee.

So far I have attended the first executive meeting and also provided different executive members with some ideas and thoughts for

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