10 Reasons to Affiliate Today!


1. Access to over 50 years ISoc Experience

- Each of our team members have a wealth of experience in helping ISocs become the best society on campus.

2. Development & Training Resources 

- We have a team dedicated to providing all ISocs with the essential skills needed to keep the society alive

3. Networking Opportunities at National Conferences

- FOSIS Conferences are the best place for ISocs to meet other fellow Muslim students and some of the worlds most influential people 

4. Exclusive Access to Renowned Speakers

- Our Services committee provides ISocs with reputable speakers ready deliver leactures, workshops & courses on a range of topics

5. Hassle Free Fresher Packs

- Fresher's Week is a busy time for all societies. We help ISocs become the most prepared soceity on campus with our tailor made Fresher Packs

6. Professional Representation with Student Affairs

- FOSIS has helped ISocs with chance to attend all major student conferences across the UK and internationally, run for positions within SUs as well as provide essential training needed to tackle large scale politcal change

7. Participate in National & International Campaigns 

- Our Campaigns committee are dedicated to making this world a better place for all. Your ISoc can be a part of that change!

8. Get Involved With National Charity Initiatives

- Every year FOSIS holds a variety of national charity fundraising initiatives giving ISocs the opportunity to help innumarable ammounts of people 

9. Exclusive Personal Development Opportunities

- FOSIS is here to help develop every ISoc member to become a natural born leader. Every aspect of our training facilitates this vision

10. Be Part of a National Muslim Student Body

- FOSIS is the largest Muslim student body in the UK and Ireland. Stand with your fellow Muslims students from across the nation on causes that matter!