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FAC57 Is Here!

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FOSIS is proud to present its 57th Annual Conference: Patience of the Prophets!
Join us for our first ever virtual conference with a wide host of amazing speakers, interactive workshops and a chance to win prizes in our quizzes. It’s a fantastic oppurtunty to get not just your ISOC friends round but the whole family to experience the excitement of the largest Muslim student conference now brought into the comfort of your own homes!

Join us for our Interactive workshops! An amazing chance for the attendees to develop themselves in an interactive session where the workshop hosts will impart techniques, tips and take home messages that you can implement to build a Prophetic level of patience into your life.
Check out the titles of our workshops below!:

  1. Emotional Intelligence
  2. The Art of Complaining and Venting
  3. Wellness during Turbulent Times

Join us for SIX talks over the course of the weekend! The talks will take you on a journey through the lives of various Prophets, how they managed the various challenges that came their way and what lessons we can learn from the greatest of examples across time.
Talks over the weekend include:

  1. Virtues of the patient: An insight into how the Prophets showed patience in times of adversity and calamity with practical advice on how you can implement these virtues into your own life.
  2. Patience in the pursuit of knowledge: A talk focussed on patience whilst undertaking your studies whether that be secular or Islamic.
  3. Patience in times of grief: Covering misconceptions Muslims have when it comes to grieving in Islam and what the Prophet Muhammad SAW’s approach to grief was.
  4. Patience in the face of Temptations and Desires: The struggle of not giving in to temptations and desires and how to deal with interacting with the opposite gender at university and other daily life scenarios.
  5. Patience: The Weapon of the Believer: This talk will cover the power of dua for the believer and how pairing dua with patience can not only relieve their own difficulties, but also the suffering of other oppressed Muslims
  6. Patience in Practice: This talk will bring together all the content that has been learnt and will touch on how the attendees can action all of what they have learnt. It will also be a final opportunity to stress the importance of patience in our lives.
    Talks from your NEC! Inspirational talks led by FOSIS or ex FOSIS speakers on how they’ve had to engage in patience in their time in student activism!

Join us for fun family focussed quizzes!
Quizzes on the topics covered over the course of the weekend with a chance to win 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes! ????

Join us for ISOC Awards!
A chance for us to celebrate the hard work and creativity of our Islamic societies across the UK. Which universities will be crowned this year’s champions?

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