Rooted in Religion Campaign

The Rooted in Religion campaign aims to raise awareness of issues faced by Muslim students in Higher and Further education. This covers many aspects of the Muslim student experience such as, Islamophobia in education and curricula, policies set by universities and other higher education institutions that affect Muslims and real life experiences by Muslims. The Rooted in Religion campaign seeks to put the Islam back into Islamophobia when defining it, to get people to understand how it is Islam itself that attracts such unwarranted hate and discrimination and to represent all Muslims regardless of their racial and ethnic background and to challenge misconceptions about Islamophobia that prevent it from being properly tackled.

Aims and Objectives

Empower the isoc voice - Mobilise Muslim students, Isocs + elements of the Muslim community

Muslim student experience and isoc voice to shape the way islamophobia is addressed in policy, systems and infrastructure within the education sector

Shift current discourse around what is understood by islamophobia

Education on why current APPG is problematic (to be rephrased) Ensuring key stakeholders within HE, isocs other key stakeholders

Collect data reflective of muslim student experience of islamophobia

Capture experiences of Muslim students to feed into discourse of framing Islamophobia

Shift current discourse around what is understood by islamophobia

Education on why current APPG is problematic (to be rephrased) Ensuring key stakeholders within HE, isocs other key stakeholders

Utilise data to form policies, processes and frameworks to tackle Islamophobia in education sector

Provide resource and tool for ISocs in conceptualising and campaigning against Islamophobia on campus

Provide and advocate for policy recommendations and changes to governmental, non-governmental and civil society organisations regarding Islamophobia

University and Students Union Islamophobia Training

As part of our commitment to representing and supporting Muslim students, FOSIS has developed a comprehensive and interactive Islamophobia Awareness Training session for Student Union leaders and staff.

We strongly encourage both sabbatical officers and staff to take part in this training. The Muslim Student Experience Report 2018 published by NUS found that an overwhelming 1 in 3 Muslim students experience abuse during their time in study. We firmly believe that when Student Unions are formally trained in understanding Islamophobia and the experiences of Muslim students, it makes them feel safer, heard, and represented. Each session is £350 and is expected to last 2 hours. Given the interactive nature of the sessions, we recommend no more than 25 participants per session. Click here to register your SU for the Islamophobia Awareness training.

Speaker Tour

FOSIS is pleased to announce our speaker tour for Islamophobia awareness month this year as part of our Rooted in Religion campaign.

We have partnered up with CAGE to bring you over 10 speakers, all from different areas of work and experiences. 

The speakers are equipped to talk about various topics ranging from War on Terror, defining and tackling Islamophobia, the Muslim student experience in Education to Gendered Islamophobia.

We strongly encourage our membership and beyond to plan your own events about Islamophobia to better educate your campus and other key stakeholders on the oppression our community faces so that it can be tackled effectively.

We look forward to working closely with our speakers and anyone interested in hosting an event to ensure each talk and event runs smoothly to deliver talks and workshops of the best quality to the ISocs and beyond.

This Speaker Tour is set to run until mid-December.

Please make sure you submit your bookings with enough time to process them as we will be liaising with you and the speaker to ensure your
event runs smoothly.

For any questions or requests please get in touch with us at [email protected].