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A Reflection on FAC57- FOSIS’ First Ever Online Conference!

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Looking back on the FOSIS Conference this summer, I am still left captivated by the inspiring words of our speakers. Sabr, the act of being in a state of patience. Subhnallah, an action so great that it has no limits in the rewards Allah can give for it.

When we look at the great messengers and Prophets of Allah that came before us, we see many examples of a lengthy patience, a testing patience, a beautiful patience; the very epitome of sabrun jameel. We see the trials of the Prophets, the Messenger SAW and great people of the past and the patience they have to exhibit in each of their own unique situations.

One example can be seen in the year of sorrow. As if the loss of his wife, Khadija RA and his Uncle, Abu Talib were not on their own already extremely sad events, the Prophet Muhammad SAW describes his worst day also occurring in this very year. The day he was stoned by the people of Ta’if to the point where his shoes were soaked with his own blood.

Anas narrated that: The Messenger of Allah said: “(Real) Patience is at the first stroke of the calamity.”

Tirmidhi 987

Many of us will believe ourselves to be patient and none of us would expect to describe ourselves as impatient, yet really the test comes at the time the calamity strikes. That is when the waswaas of shaytaan will be at its highest and the innate feelings of anger, desperation, worry and fear will come over us. It is at this very time where we as Muslims would need to exhibit that very patience Allah gives a reward with no maximum.

The speaker throughout the conference explored these matters in a great deal. Each talk seemed to naturally flow with the next leaving me in a state of awe and reflection subhnallah. Experiencing this and feeling this in the comfort of my own home, leaving me with my own thoughts and reflections is a feeling I long to experience again.

Alhamdulillah our media team have been busy editing and putting together the recordings of these amazing and inspiring talks. When they are released (onto our FOSIS YouTube Channel!) do have a listen inshaAllah and immerse yourself in the beautiful concept of sabr.

Hafsah – FOSIS Conferences Team