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The Pillars of FOSIS

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1. Development

“They are those who pray, “our lord! Bless us with pious spouses and offspring who will be the joy of our hearts, and make us models for the righteous.” – Surah Furqan verse 74

FOSIS recently launched FOSIS Academy, which aims to build responsible and competent individuals who create sustainable environments that empower students through the words of Allah to enrich society. 

The FOSIS academy will facilitate the process of inculcating skills, knowledge and experiences for our Muslim students to become holistic leaders for their communities. 

The FOSIS Academy utilises the TalentLMS app to track, monitor and evaluate the progress of users. TalentLMS is an online platform that acts as a personalised learning portal for members to sign up to and access courses, course notes and course instructors. It provides users with a versatile and friendly platform to engage with the academy.

Our activity is based around a few key topics:

1.     Skills (time management, productivity, team working, positive thinking)

2.     Knowledge (khutbah series, seerah course)

3.     Experiences (retreats and volunteering opportunities)

2. Advocacy

“Imagine how many devotees fought along with their prophets and never faltered despite whatever losses they suffered in the cause of Allah, nor did they weaken or give in! Allah loves those who persevere.” – Surah Imran verse 146

A key aspect of FOSIS activity is under the branch of the Student Affairs team. 

We assist ISocs with strategic consultancy (Isoc structure, goals and objectives). We support ISocs with communication work particularly with their students’ unions and university senior management. Our work also includes ISoc development, covering training and workshops for both executive committee members and wider membership. 

Our 3 main aims are:




3. Faith Inspired Activism 

“Indeed those who believe and do righteous deeds, for them are the Gardens of Pleasure” – Surah Luqman verse 8

We want to empower people to create and run relevant and resonant campaigns, events and activities that fulfil the objectives of empowering people through the words of Allah so that they can enrich society.

One example of such a campaign is Believe and Do Good (BADG) – a competition of compassion. Every February, Muslim youth of Britain gather in selflessness with fellow campus folk to give something back to their communities. That selflessness stops at the fact that they’ll be competing with one another by taking to the streets to do good! We believe that worship is not limited to just the daily prayers and annual fasts, but it is wider than this and includes helping our neighbours and removing harm from our communities.